About us

We have been around since 1997 when we opened our first art studio in Qingdao, China. Years later, we are now an art school  standing on 3,000 square meters of art which we call our home.

We are known as Impresso Art. It is our beloved art studio and art school which we are growing with equally the work we have put it in when we first started more than 20 years ago.

Throughout the years we have developed great connections in traditional Chinese and European painting techniques. We are proud to now be home to 36 world known artists, and more than 600 artists all across our mediums. Through their work, and the careful observance of our international team, we export our oil paintings and wall arts to more than 10 countries every month.

If you have the chance to visit us, you will find us in Qingdao. Our art studio, gallery, and school stands tall in the village of Da Ni Gou Tou.

Online, we sell with dedication and careful attention to details on our own website, as well as on Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

Art collectors, enthusiasts, interior decorators, hotels, and everyone else can purchase our original wall art and other artworks with the trust that the product will be of the highest quality and delivered in record time all around the world.